Why Powdered Metal Parts?

About Precision Sintered Parts

Manufacturing Capabilities

Hydraulic Press, CNC, Furnace, Brazing, Impregnation, Infiltration, Sintering, grinding

Press Tonnages from 20 - 220 tons.

Furnace brazing.

Steam blue oxide finishing.

CNC machining.

Blanchard grinding.


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Powdered metals

Iron, Copper, Nickel Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and low alloyed blends using nickel and molybdenum as the major alloying agents. 

Customer Focus

collaborative approach, engineering design, supply chain excellence, central location

Small to medium production run focus. 

Award winning design assistance. 

Unmatched on-time delivery.

Central US manufacturing location.

Experienced with reshoring and domestic supply buffering to supplement overseas manufacturing.

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Over 50 years of satisfied customers

Founded in 1967, we continue to be a manufacturer of powdered metal parts that innovates and satisfies a diverse customer base. 

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Industries Served

Broad customer base specializing in small to medium production runs.

We provide powdered metal parts to both the biggest names in the Fortune 500 and the smallest mom and pops.  PSP's sintered metal parts are utilized in the industrial machinery, marine, power tools, appliances and oil & gas industries to name a few. 

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ISO 9001: 2015 certified, commitment to quality

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer since 2004.

ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

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We love coming up with powdered metal parts design solutions, so feel free to call during normal business hours.  If we can't help you out we'll try to suggest someone who can. 

Precision Sintered Parts

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DNV Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (pdf)


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