Powdered Metal Parts by Industry

Sports and Recreation Equipment


Amusement Rides - Bearing Hangers

Archery - Sight components, release mechanisms

Boating - Outdrive components, prop locks

Exercise equipment -  Bushings, bearings

Fishing Reels - Pinion, bevel and face gears

Oil & Gas


Drilling - Couplers, gears, cams and bearings

Pipe Line - Pipe beveling components, block parts

Artificial Lift - Couplings, Impellers, gears

Industrial Equipment


Controls - Valve actuator components, Geneva, spur, miter and other gears

Hydraulics - Pump components

Motors - Bushings, bearings (flanged and plain), rotors, spacers, end poles, pinion gears and stator housings

Office Equipment -  Gears, spacers, cams

Agricultural Equipment


Ag Equipment - Transmission rings, spacers, couplers, pawls

Power Tools


Hand Tools - Pawls, indentor holders, sockets

Grinding Tools - Time belt pulleys, push rods spacers

Pneumatic-Power Tools - Spacers, bushings, lock rings, throttle valves



Over the past 50 years we have made a diverse portfolio of powdered metal parts in a multitude of industries.  We would love to learn more about your company and products. 

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